1000mm Narrow Face Width
The compact structure of the machine reduces operator's movement range, increases production speed, dramatically reduces space occupation, and increases the utilization of the factory area.




Flexible Layout to Suit Various Production Requirements

  1. Single machine operation or multi-machine combination.
  2. Can be used together with a 6-axis robot or workpiece tray.
  3. Multi-process automation can be achieved through the use of gantry type parts loaders.
Layout drawings of part changer and robot

Patented Complex Tool Turret

  1. This turret is exclusively designed to overcome the disadvantages of complicated processes conducted by using a gang type turret. In addition, defects of time-consuming tool change on conventional tool turrets are improved as well. The specially designed turret features improved tool moving speed and tool loading capacity.

Highly Rigid Structure design

  1. Box type column structure combined with internal ribbing provides outstanding rigidity.
  2. The box structure base design. All ribs for structure reinforcement inside the base are optimized, leading to higher rigidity and stability, which reduces vibration to a minimum during machining.

Automatic Workpiece Changer (optional)

  1. The programmable automatic workpiece loading/unloading function increases effective machining time to dramatically upgrade production efficiency. It also meets the requirements for labor-saving and single machine automation.

Intelligent Production through Human-Machine Interface

  1. The intelligent production system provides an advanced deployment for big data applications in the future. The control box is equipped with a touchscreen for intuitive operation and shortening learning time.
  2. The signals of a single machine and the information of production line are displayed in real time. The operational interface can use customized functions, helping to increase factory visualization.
  3. The use of advanced graphic monitoring allows for simplifying troubleshooting procedures. It also provides various SOP hint displays at the work site to avoid operation error. The controller can collect the utilizati on rate of a single machine and various consumable parts replacing data. This effectiveness data is easily output and can also be included in an ERP system.
  4. By using the Air-gap sensor and tool monitoring system, the positioning and clamping conditions for workpiece part can be confirmed. These systems provide effective quality control for each workpiece, and allow for counting the actual loss of costs.


Machine Specifications:

Max. swing Ø300 mm Ø440 mm
Max. turning diameter Ø160 mm Ø440 mm
Max. turning height 430 mm 370 mm
Max. spindle speed 4,000 rpm 3,500 rpm
Spindle nose A2-6 A2-8
X / Z-axis travel 355 / 280 mm 235 / 280 mm
Spindle motor 7.5/9 Kw 7.5/9 Kw
Turret type Patented gang type turret Hydraulic servo turret
No. of tools 8T 10T
O.D. tool size □20 mm □25 mm
I.D. tool size Ø20 / Ø16 mm Ø40 mm
Weight 3,200 kg 3,400 kg

● We reserve the rights to change the product specifications, appearance, accessories or advise no longer in use.

Standard Equipment

  1. Chip conveyor
  2. Heat exchanger
  3. LED alarm lamp
  4. Intelligent human-machine interface
  5. Fully enclosed splash guard
  6. Work light
  7. MPG handwheel
  8. Coolant device for turret
  9. Auto lubrication pump
  10. Auto door for operator
  11. FANUC 0iT controller

Optional Equipment

  1. WHU intelligent high pressure hydraulic system
  2. Energy saving hydraulic system
  3. Automatic workpiece changer
  4. Oil mist collector
  5. Workpiece measurement system
  6. Tool measurement system
  7. Air gap sensor for workpiece (Festo SOPA)
  8. Tool life management system
  9. Oil fluid separator
  10. High pressure coolant through center 70/120 bar


  1. Air conditioner for electrical cabinet
  2. Automatic lubrication system
  3. Power turret